A Mother’s Day Blog Carnival In Celebration of Mothers & More

At some point in our lives, if we are so fortunate, we find ourselves within a community that nurtures us. Over time, we may find that this community calls us into action to bring about new developments in ourselves and in the world around us – so, that

we spur on the changes that we seek.
Mothers & More – once known as F.E.M.A.L.E., and by the tagline: “the network of sequencing women,” was surely such a place for thousands of women.
The organization Mothers & More was born on a stormy night in 1987
And swiftly became a national, chaptered organization
Touching thousands of mother’s lives across our country through inspired actions large and small.
This spring, the organization closed its doors.
However, the beliefs championed by the organization continue and live on in mothers across the country – ERH included.
We wanted a way to pay tribute. What better way to pause, trace our memories, and reflect on our lives, and experiences within the organization than through the written word, through blogs and social media.
We hope you will join us in celebration of the soul of all that was and will remain Mothers & More.
Please join a chorus of mothers in a Blog Carnival this Mother’s Day to celebrate the life of Mothers & More:
You are invited (and please invite your friends) to share blog posts in two areas:
*  Tell a story about what the organization did to improve the lives of all mothers
*  How did the organization influence your life today, and where you are now?
  (share the influence of Mothers & More on your story as a woman, mother, caregiver, worker, wife, daughter, sister, or wife)
Submit inquiries and blog posts directly to info@evaraehenry.com at any time before Mother’s Day, May 8th.
Accepted posts will be shared here, as well as on the sites of contributors in May. We hope to hear from many members, supporters and friends.
We will never forget the place that helped each of us to understand that we are “more -” because a mother is more,
more than any single role she plays at any given point in her life. 
Together, mothers are powerful.

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